About Us

Why do we say: “Unmistakably EV Group”? Because, it’s our goal to deliver you the kind of experience that distinguishes us from the rest. We want to be more to you than just a supplier of consultants. We want to be more to our employees than a company name on a check. We employ individuals who are very good at what they do, our reputation means everything to us. We strive to be a supplier of highly skilled consultants that, save time, money and headaches to run a smooth and efficient project for our clients.

We’ve spent the past 30 years growing our network and expanding our skills base to accommodate more than just the food and beverage industry. This means we’ve become adaptable and flexible enough to support an array of capital projects in a range of industries. Ultimately, that means greater service to our clients and greater opportunities for our candidates.

Specialized Skills

Your project will likely require a professional with specialized training and experience. Our pool of highly capable personnel has hands-on skills and experience in a wide variety of specialized industries. And, if we don’t have the specialized talent you require, our recruiters will find you the most qualified individual for your project.

Industry Knowledge

We understand that every industry has specific standards for capital projects. Our personnel are experts in their trades with an average of 25 years of practical knowledge. You’ll benefit from their ability to discover creative solutions that can save you money and move your project ahead of schedule.

Expert Training

Our commitment to the continuous growth and improvement of our personnel is another reason we’re Unmistakably EV Group. Our management ensures that our people are fully trained as experts in your specific operational methods and standards before they step foot into your facility.

Our Story

​Our story starts with EV Construction, a construction management services firm founded in 1945. Their construction management teams earned a reputation for providing innovative solutions, delivering the highest client satisfaction and demonstrating a passion for excellence. They were the best of the best—and other businesses wanted a piece of that excellence. The firm’s leadership rented out the teams for a time, but, in 1987, decided they were ready to create a subsidiary to specialize in unrivaled consulting solutions and professional services.

That subsidiary was Elzinga & Volkers Professional Services (EVPS). And that was then. This is now.

Initially, EVPS almost exclusively provided construction management services for the food and beverage industry. Today, as EV Group, we’re growing our operations to include biotech, pharmaceuticals, technology and IT, manufacturing and industrial, alternative power, big power, healthcare and senior living. We’re also expanding our services to more than 40 disciplines, including SAP specialists, lab technicians, quality engineers and facilities managers.

EV Group has been able to thrive during this period of growth by doing what we do best: building and nurturing relationships across North America and abroad, capitalizing on our geographically diverse workforce and providing the utmost care to our valuable personnel.

That’s Unrivaled Staffing and Unmistakably EV Group.