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Responding to COVID-19: new protocols and practices in the food manufacturing industry

One of the many significant impacts of COVID-19 has been the reallocation of necessary resources and capital, causing many industries to adjust and adapt their practices. New health and safety regulations, as well as pandemic-related closures, have led to changes in processes and priorities in the food industry.

At EV Group, we’ve worked alongside clients and companies that have seen spikes in demand during the pandemic as the nation deals with a variety of shortages and supply chain adjustments. Companies are working hard to keep production steady during this crisis and make sure customers can access needed supplies.

Food manufacturers of all sizes have been working diligently to respond to the challenges brought by COVID-19. Smaller food manufacturers are poised for success in such scenarios because of less corporate red tape, allowing for flexibility in production to meet demand and an ability to adapt to staffing needs and government protocols more quickly. Due to their size, larger companies may have a more difficult time adjusting their food production and packaging facilities.

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