People and Projects

Summer 2021: EV Style

It’s been a hot summer to rebound off a long year, and we are thrilled to enjoy it with the company of a great team.

Our consultants have worked extremely hard to deliver America and Canada’s favorite foods for the summer holidays. From R&D, capital projects, engineering, maintenance and operations, there are a lot of key players behind the scenes putting tasty foods on our tables.

For that, we are extremely grateful and we certainly don’t take for granted how talented, diligent and amazing our folks are. We can honestly say, we don’t have any bad apples on our consulting team and they are all a true joy to work with. We believe, that even small tokens of appreciation to our team members, result in gratitude and the feeling of being valued. Employees who feel valued are less likely to seek alternate employment, resulting in lower turnover and higher production.

So, with the help of our marketing team, we decided to put together some ‘summer swag’ for our employees. Whether it is grilling or chilling on the beach or boat, there are some fun items that we put together for our folks. Beach towels, hats, an EVG branded bucket and shovel and baseball tees were sent to our team across North America, and we got a few great pics of families enjoying them.

We truly appreciate our team putting in the hard work to put your favorite meats on the grill, drinks in the cooler and snacks in the cupboard to enjoy the beautiful summer with loved ones. Thank you for all you do Team EVG!